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About Ribeirão Preto


Ribeirão Preto  is about 300 km from São Paulo and is one of the better known towns in the countryside of São Paulo state, not only because of its economic importance, but also as a cultural center. Although not touristic, the town has an excellent structure to receive visitors, bot for business and leisure .


Ribeirão has the third largest Opera Theater in Brazil, the Pedro II Theater. This is in the "Quarteirão Paulista" area, next to the "Pinguim" beer parlor, arguably the most famous in the county. The "Museu do Café", inside the São Paulo University  campus , hosts the most important collection on the history of coffee plantation in São Paulo.


July is the coolest month in Ribeirão Preto. During the day, temperatures can be high (maximal average of 26 °C), but it gets colder at night (minimal average of 18,4 °C). So, be prepared with both light and heavier clothes.


Useful information

  • Phone area code: 016
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Bus station: Avenida Jerônimo Gonçalves, 640, telefone (16) 3625-7386
  • Taxi: (16) 3323-7000
  • City Hall: (16) 3977-9000
  • Touristic information: (16) 3632-6060
  • Hospital: (16) 3605-5000 / 3605-5025
  • Fire Brigade: 193
  • Police: 190
  • Post office: (16) 3603-1500 / 3603-1511 / 3603-1523 / 3603-1501

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