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Field trips


Two field trips to areas of palaeontological and geological interest in the state of São Paulo will occur during the 2 days after the meeting.

Field trip #1

Coordination: Rodrigo Santucci (UNB)

Days: July 22nd to 23th 2017

   Day 1 (July 22nd): Ribeirão Preto - Araraquara - Monte Alto - Ribeirão Preto

   Day 2 (July 23rd): Ribeirão Preto - Uberaba - Ribeirão Preto

Cost*: one day = R$ 100,00; two days = R$ 150,00

* - does not include feeding.

Arrival at Ribeirão Preto (July 23rd): 06:00 P.M.

Along two days, deposits of the Botucatu Formation (with dinosaur and mammal footprints) and Bauru Group (Cretaceous terrestrial biotas) will be studied, also including visits to the Monte Alto and Peirópolis palaeontological museums. As the overnight stay will be in Ribeirão Preto, participants can chose to take part in only one or in two of the trip days.

Field trip #2

Coordination: Rosemarie Rohn (UNESP)

Days: July 22nd to 23rd 2017

Itinerary: Ribeirão Preto - Itu - Rio Claro -  Ribeirão Preto

Cost* (including overnight stay): R$ 300,00**

* - does not include feeding.
** - lower costs possible if participants agree on sharing rooms.

Arrival at Ribeirão Preto (July 24th): 08:00 P.M.

Along two days (July 22nd and 23rd) and with overnight stay in Rio Claro-SP, deposits of the Itararé Grup in the areas of Salto and Itu ("Moutonnée rock" and "Varvite" parks) will be visited, along with those of the Permian marine Irati and Corumbataí formations in the area of Rio Claro, where mesosaurs, fish, and invertebrates (bivalves and crustaceans) can be collected.


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