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Invited speakers


Anjali Goswami


Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology by the University of Chicago and professor of Palaeobioloy at the University College London. Her research interests include the evolution and ontogeny of vertebrates, particularly by the use 3D morphometrics with fossils and embryos. She tests hypotheses of modularity and disparity aiming at a better understanding of macroevolutionary patterns along time.




Jacques Gauthier


Ph.D. in Palaeontology by the University of California, Berkeley, professor of Geology, Geophysics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University, and pioneer in the use of Phylogenetic Systematics with fossil groups. His publications about the importance of fossils in phylogenetic studies, Phylogenetic Nomenclature, and phylogenetic relations of archosaurs and lepidosaurs represent benchmark works of modern Palaeontology.



Zhe-Xi Luo


Ph.D. in Palaeontology by the University of California, Berkeley, professor at University of Chicago. His main works deal with the origin of mammals, with phylogenetic, ecological, and ontogenetic implications. Dr. Luo described some of the more iconic Mesozoic mammals such as Juramaia and Sinodelphys , respectively the oldest known placental and marsupial.



Vladimir Sergeev


Ph.D. in Palaeontology by the Geological Institute of the Russian Adademy of Science. His research is focused on microbialites and microfossils from Russia and Easter Europe, and their application in global biostratigraphy and fassies analyses. Currently a Principal Investigator at the Russian Adademy of Science, Dr. Sergeev is a world expert on Proterozoic biotas.



Charles Wellman


Ph.D. in Palaeontology by the Cardiff University, professor at the University of Shefield. His research addresses the origin and early evolution of land plants, integrating evidence from both fossil and living plants. Fossil evidence includes early land plant megafossils and dispersed spores and fragments from China, Spitsbergen , Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Kazakhstan, and Oman .



Shuhai Xiao


Ph.D. in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology by Harvard University, paleobiologist and geobiologist at the Virginia Tech University. Dr Xiao studies the interactions between the biosphere and its environments at critical transitions in Earth history, particularly during the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition. He integrates paleobiological, sedimentological, and geochemical data to shed light on important evolutionary events (such as the origin and diversification of eukaryotes, multicellular organisms, and animals), their environmental contexts, and their geobiological consequences.



André Strauss


Anthropologist and Geologist, with a MSc in Biology by São Paulo University and a joint PhD in Archaeological Sciences by the Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, he is currently an invited lecturer in the latter. Principal investigator of the "Paleoamericans origin and behavior" he coordinates the archaeological excavations at "Lapa do Santo", in Minas Gerais, Brazil.



Rodolfo Nogueira


Paleoartist with a major on Industrial Design by São Paulo State University. He has works exposed at museums in Brazil, Spain, USA, Portugal, Georgia, and Germany, and was awarded eight international prizes. His illustrations also appeared in Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, BBC, Scientific American, and National Geographic. He currently leads the Prehistoric Factory studio.




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