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Thematic Sessions


The 25th Brazilian Palaeontology Meeting is divided in three main sessions on Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic biotas/ecosystems (respectively by July 18th, 19th, and 20th). Simultaneously during those days, and also in the last day of the meeting (see Schedule), there will be more specific "Thematic Sessions" as outlined below.


Pre-Cambrian biotas and ecosystems

Coordination: Liza Pacheco (UFSCar) e Lucas Warren (Unesp)

Day/time: July 18th morning


Coordination: Gerson Fauth (Unisinos) e Oscar Strohschoen (Petrobrás)

Day/time: July 18th afternoon

Bauru Basin: biota and ecosystems

Coordination: Alessandro Batezelli (Unicamp) e Thiago Marinho (UFTM)

Day/time: July 19th morning

Quaternary in Brazil

Coordination: Alex Hubbe (UFBA) e Mariela Castro (USP)

Day/time: July 19th afternoon

Paleontological rescue

Coordination: Átila da Rosa (UFSM) e Renato Kipnis (Scientia Consultoria Científica)

Day/time: July 20th morning

Fossils and phylogenies

Coordination: Felipe Montefeltro (Unesp) e Martin Ezcurra (MACN, Argentina)

Day/time: July 20th afternoon

Teaching Palaeontology

Coordination: Marina Soares (UFRGS) e Luis Eduardo Anelli (USP)

Day/time: July 21st morning

Advanced tools in Palaeobiology

Coordination: Gabriela Sobral (UFSC) e Bruno Vila Nova (USP)

Day/time: July 21st morning


CoordinationFernando Erthal (UFRGS) e  Marcos Bissaro (USP)

Day/time: July 21st afternoon




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