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Benthic Foraminifera and Ostracoda from the Dalichai Formation (Aalenian–Bajocian) at Telma-Dareh, Alborz Mountains, Northern Iran
Karlos Guilherme Diemer Kochhann, Cristianini Trescastro Bergue, Mostafa Falahatgar, Mojtaba Javidan & Horacio Parent

Fossocytheridea Swain & Brown and Perissocytheridea Stephenson (Ostracoda): insights into paleosalinity gradients of Late Cretaceous deposits from Brazil and Portugal
Enelise Katia Piovesan, Maria Cristina Cabral, Elba Assis Boavida, Jean-Paul Colin† & Gerson Fauth

Cenomanian–Coniacian (Upper Cretaceous) bivalves of the Sergipe Basin, Brazil: Order Pholadomyida​
Wagih S. Ayoub-Hannaa, Peter Bengtson, Franz T. Fürsich & Edilma J. Andrade

Environmental and climatic proxies for the Cañadón Asfalto and Neuquén basins (Patagonia, Argentina): review of Middle to Upper Jurassic continental and near coastal sequences
Wolfgang Volkheimer, Mirta E. Quattrocchio, Nora G. Cabaleri, Paula L. Narváez, Ulrich Rosenfeld, Laura Scafati & Daniel L. Melendi

A new record of fossil wood of Vochysiaceae from the Late Pleistocene (Arroyo Feliciano Formation), Argentina, South America​
Eliana Moya & Mariana Brea

Recognition of the Hyperodapedon Assemblage Zone (Late Triassic) in a relictual occurrence over the Sul-Rio-Grandense Shield
Bruno Ludovico Dihl Horn, Cesar Leandro Schultz, Ana Emília Quezado de Figueiredo & Filipe Armando Motta

A new species of Gaylordia Paula Couto (Mammalia, Metatheria) from Itaboraí, Brazil
Édison Vicente de Oliveira & Francisco J. Goin

Faunal and multivariate analyses of planktonic foraminifers from Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin: a paleoenvironmental interpretation for the last 30 kyr
Edmundo Camillo Jr., Juliana Pereira de Quadros, Karen Badaraco Costa & Felipe Antonio de Lima Toledo

Palynomorphs incertae sedis of the borehole DI.NA.MI.GE. 254 "Paso de las Toscas" (Lower Permian), Paraná Basin, Uruguay
Pedro R. Gutiérrez, Ángeles Beri, María Lucía Balarino & Ana M. Zavattieri

Voltziales and Pinales (= Coniferales) from Cortaderita Formation (Middle Triassic), Argentina, and their implication in the reconstruction of Triassic conifers
Josefina Bodnar, Daniela Paula Ruiz, Analía Emilia Artabe, Eduardo Manuel Morel & Daniel Ganuza

Characterization of particulate organic matter of the last 10 kyr from a core of State Park of Doce River, MG, Brazil: palaeoenvironmental implications
Fernanda Mara Fonseca-Silva, Marcelo de Araujo Carvalho & Sérvio Pontes Ribeiro

Quaternary mammals from ES-08 cave, Prudente de Morais Municipality, Minas Gerais State: taphonomic and taxonomic analyses​
André Gomide Vasconcelos, Karin Elise Bohns Meyer & Marcos Santos Campello

Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia
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The Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia (ISSN 1519-7530), was created in 2001 by the Brazilian Society of Palaeontology. It is issued three times a year, in April, August and December, and is distributed for all Society members free of charge.

The main purpose of every scientific society is having an unbiased journal to publish and to diffuse the work of its members. The Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia is intended to publish original contributions on all aspects of the palaeontology and is the first Brazilian publication dedicated exclusively to palaeontology. We hope and will be working for a healthy and long life always along the course of the national and international palaeontological researches.
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