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Short Courses

Workload: 16h
  • Replication of anatomical structures using recycled polystyrene (XPS): precision, lightness and low cost in the production of teaching and display materials

Lecturer: M.Sc. Helder da Rocha (paleoartist, sculptor, art educator)

Date: October 19th, 20th and 21st
  • Fossil Collecting, Preparation and Replication Techniques*
*will be taught in Peirópolis, Uberaba.

Lecturers: Dr. Fabiano Iori (Museum of Paleontology "Pedro Candolo", Uchoa-SP), M.Sc. Helder de Paula Silva (National Museum/UFRJ) and Grad. Jessica Pontes (National Museum/UFRJ)

Date: October 19th and 20th
  • Paleoart from A to Z-Brush

Lecturer: Grad. Rodolfo Nogueira (Prehistoric Factory)

Date: October 20th and 21st
  • Philosophical Foundations of Systematic Biology

Lecturer: M.Sc. Lucy Gomes de Souza (PhD student in Paleozoology, National Museum/UFRJ)

Date: October 20th and 21st
  • Paleoclimatology: Understanding Earth's Climate Through the Fossil Record

Lecturer: M.Sc. Marcelo Mota (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Date: October 20th and 21st
Workload: 8h
  • Detecting Evolutionary Patterns with Comparative Phylogenetic Methods and Paleontological Data

Lecturer: Dr. Pedro Lorena Godoy (Stony Brook University)

Date: October 20th
  • Introduction to the Study of Microfossils - Evolution, Diversity and Applications

Lecturer: Dr. Cleber Fernandes Alves (Institute of Geosciences/UFRJ)

Date: October 20th

  • Paleopedology Applied to Paleontology: Taphonomic Trends of the Roots 

Lecturer: M.Sc. Diego Luciano do Nascimento (PhD student in Geosciences, UNICAMP)

Date: October 20th
  • Introduction to Paleobiogeography: Theory and Practice
Lecturers: M.Sc. Giovanne Mendes Cidade (PhD student in Comparative Biology, FFCLRP/USP) and M.Sc. Caio César Rangel (UFU, campus Monte Carmelo)

Date: October 20th

  • Bauru Basin: Tectonics and Sedimentation

Lecturer: Dr. Alessandro Batezelli (Institute of Geosciences, UNICAMP)

Date: October 21st
  • Computational Methods in Paleontology

Lecturer: Dr. Mauro José Cavalcanti (Ecoinformatics Studio - RJ)

Date: October 21st
  • Management of Crocodiles in Wild and Captivity*
* will be taught at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, campus Umuarama/UFU.

Lecturers: Dr. André Luiz Quagliatto Santos, Dr. Teresinha Inês de Assumpção, M.Sc. Evandro Alves Canelo, Undergrad. Jessica Santos Queiroz (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/UFU)

Date: October 21st
  • Introduction to the Origin and Evolution of anamniotes Tetrapods

Lecturers: M.Sc. Lucas Almeida Barcelos (Federal University of ABC) and Grad. Rodolfo Santos (Master student in Zoology, Museum of Zoology/USP)

Date: October 21st
Workload: 6h
  • Curation of paleontological collections

Lecturers: Dr. Maria Inês Feijó Ramos (Emílio Goeldi Museum) and Dr. Luciana Barbosa de Carvalho (National Museum/UFRJ)

Date: October 21st
  • Isotopic Paleoecology

Lecturer: Dr. Mario Dantas (UFBA, campus Vitória da Conquista)

Date: October 21st
  • Paleontology Interventions in Basic Education: complementing didactic material, developing socio-emotional skills and investing in the formation and commitment to the natural sciences

Lecturer: Dr. Carla Abranches (USP)

Date: October 21